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Long Beach Dedicates New Childrens' Library

Teaching a child to read opens doors for them in a way that may seem magical. Books provide the world at their fingertips, and libraries are the perfect escape into a whole new galaxy. Well, Long Beach decided to expand that galaxy, and it's dream came true Saturday afternoon in the form of the new Peter Psikogios, III Children's Library.

Community leaders and supporters gathered Saturday afternoon for the dedication ceremony of Long Beach's new childrens' Library named in honor of Peter Psikogios, III.

Peter was only ten years old when he passed away in 1991 after suffering from a genetic disease.

However, his spirit will live on through a building for kids who can enjoy doing what he once loved.

"The cornerstone of everything as far as kids' lives go is reading. And our son didn't get an opportunity to enjoy a lot of things because of his unique condition - better yet his medical condition,but he always enjoyed reading. He always enjoyed going to the library, so it's a great opportunity and it's always an honor to have your name remembered and I think this is a very special way to remember our son's name," said mother Janet Psikogios.

And his name will now be associated with more than 3000-square feet of fun learning.

"The biggest attraction right now is the space. The kids have a place where they can come in, romp, stomp, read, relax, study, and they have an audio table where they can listen to audio even four at a time in a room.The areas will be separated where we can have the younger children in one area and the older children in another," said childrens' librarian Renee Rayburn.

Reading is a gift that keeps on giving, and fortunately for Harrison County children, they have a new and improved place to enhance their skills and to hopefully share it with others in the future.

Harrison County Judge Robin Midcalf was the event's guest speaker.

By Karla Redditte

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