Federal stimulus helps Biloxi go green

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - One way Biloxi will soon be saving money is on its energy bills. City officials said Biloxi received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus money to help make two city buildings more energy efficient.

The attic is a part of Biloxi city hall most residents will probably never see, however, taxpayers might be interested in knowing a radiant barrier bubble wrap foil insulation that crews are installing is designed to keep energy bills from going through the roof.

Clay Easterling of Easterling Insulation said, "What it does is it reflects the heat back into the atmosphere in which it came from. Therefore, making the area of the attic below this cooler. Keeping that heat out. So therefore, your air conditioning space and your duct work and all is in a cooler climate in the summer making everything a lot more efficient."

Biloxi received $200,000 from the U.S. Department  of Energy to make two of its buildings more energy efficient.

"That portion of the utility bill that goes toward air conditioning is probably going to be reduced anywhere from 40 to 50 percent," said Vincent Creel, Biloxi Spokesperson. "So we're not saying the utility bill is going to be cut in half but the portion of the utility bill designed to keep the building cooler, the air conditioning portion is going to be reduced tremendously."

City officials say right now every penny saved is a big deal.

"Particularly in these budget times that we are in now, it was great that the federal government provided this money because we were able to put these local contractors to work on doing this," said Creel. "Then it will reduce the costs of maintaining Biloxi City Hall and  the Community Development Building."

Officials said the work at Biloxi city hall should be complete in about two weeks.

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