Cleaning frenzy underway to get ready for thousands of cruisers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A cleaning frenzy is underway to make sure thousands of classic car lovers get the best possible impression of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The official kick off to Cruisin' the Coast is just a few days away. Officials said this year sprucing up is a bigger job than usual.

The newly formed Gear Head Cruisers can't wait to celebrate its first Cruisin' the Coast as a classic car club. Members have already staked out a spot a week long party on Highway 90.

"The county and the cities are doing a good job getting it ready. It's going to look real nice," said club member Perry Toche.

Harrison County Sand Beach officials said clean up from tropical weather put added pressure to get ready in time this year's Cruisin.

"We do it every year but this year with Tropical Storm Lee we kind of got pushed back a little bit," said Chuck Loftis. "We're trying to sweep some of the bigger parking bays so people will have places to park. We're cutting the grass. We had Tropical Storm Lee three weeks ago, and we've already finished cleaning the whole 26 miles of beach in the three weeks time."

The county doesn't have to go it alone. Biloxi officials said dozens of public works employees are putting up barricades, cutting grass, cleaning right-of-ways and entrances to the city, as well as passing over the roads with a street sweeper.

The state is also pitching in by removing sand from Highway 90 turning lanes.

Loftis said, "MDOT is doing some shoulder work along 90 and they're hauling that material, and we're doing a joint effort with them trying to remove some of that material."

Classic car lovers say when thousands of classic cars roll into South Mississippi, they want to be proud and not embarrassed.

Toche said, "This thing brings in a lot of money to the coast. It gets bigger and bigger every year. We're a tourist trap. Anyway you look at it. So it needs to look good all the time and look good for this."

"We want people to come down and say they had a great time at Cruisin' the Coast and we want them to come back," he said.

Harrison County Sand Beach officials said they're trying to get as much done as they can before the cruisers arrive. They say once the classic cars come into town, they'll stop cutting grass in the median to lessen the chance of any cars being damaged.

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