Number one issue with voters: Jobs

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Meet Robert Brewer and his wife Sherry.  Robert worked in the shipbuilding industry for years before losing his job.  Now he sells tomatoes on the side of the road to make ends meet.  It's no surprise what the number one campaign issue is for him.

"The economy is as lackluster as it's been since I've been working," Brewer said. "The seafood industry has taken a big hit last year and all the contractors that work around Ingalls and Halter, they're just barely getting by."

At the Goodwill store, shoppers are looking for a good deal. They're also looking for something even more important.  Havard Jordan is one of them.

"Economic development which creates jobs," Jordan said.  "We're one of the poorest states in the union and we're not going to get out of there until we get more jobs."

Carole Marie and Susan Shepherd are about to being their daily workout routine.  They hope the next governor will work just as hard as they do on their top concern.

"Jobs, jobs for the citizens of the state," Shepard said. "I think that everybody is really hurting."

"Economically, we're all hurting," Marie said. "And so I think everybody needs to concentrate on pulling in businesses to our state to provide jobs for our people."

Phil Bryant, the republican nominee for governor, was on the coast opening his campaign headquarters Wednesday, and said he gets the message.

"We have got to continue to understand that job creation in Mississippi is the most important responsibility we all have," Bryant said.  "The government cannot create jobs. We create an environment where entrepreneurs and businessmen create jobs."

Even for people who are working in this tough economy, job creation is still the number one issue. The reason why? They fear those jobs may not last forever.

Trey Tinsley works at Fast Eddie's Oil Change Service.  You can put him in that camp.

"Job security.  Making sure you can pay all your bills and do everything comfortably."

For these people, a comfortable and secure life doesn't seem like too much to ask.

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