Pascagoula suspect allegedly sets gas pump on fire

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula Police said Raphael Davis is behind bars charged with arson for setting a gas pump and a car on fire.

An out of service sign now covers gas pump 4 at the Triangle Exxon on Highway 90 in Pascagoula.  Lt. James Massey says that's the pump Raphael Davis set on fire.  "Well, it is an unusual situation," Massey told WLOX News.

According to Massey, Davis was pumping gas when an officer pulled into the gas station.  Davis then began to question the officer.  "He asked does he have any warrants, and the officer then said he would check the warrants for him," Massey said. "That's when a second officer pulled up and told Mr. Davis he actually did have warrants for his arrests."

Police said that's when Davis did the unthinkable.  "He turned towards gas nozzle, with a cigarette lighter, and then ignited the vapors on the gasoline nozzle, which started a fire," said Massey.

A gas station employee also described the tense moments after the fire sparked.  "A big fire coming out gas tank and that is all you saw is smoke and flames," the employee said.  "I see the guy running across the street and I see the police chasing behind him. By the time, everyone began to holler fire, fire, fire; the gas pump is on fire. The police officer ran in here to get an extinguisher to put out the fire."

Police arrested Davis and put him in the patrol car. That's when they said he became even more destructive.  "On his way from the Triangle Exxon to police department, he kicked out a window on the patrol car,." said Massey.

Davis is now facing several charges.  Police said Davis is charged with malicious mischief, first degree arson, and has an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation. He's being held at the Pascagoula Municipal Jail awaiting an initial appearance.

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