Coast Residents Enjoy Christmas In The Pass

The bells were ringing, and the holiday spirit was singing in the hearts of hundreds of people gathered to celebrate Christmas in the Pass.

"Oh, it's just so much fun. It gets you in the spirit for Christmas," said Sandra Boddie.

The multi-block party included good music and food, as well as an opportunity to buy beautiful crafts made by local merchants - just a simple way for business owners to tell customers thanks for shopping in the Pass.

Unfortunately we missed Santa Claus, but we did find a vendor named Mr. Clausing, who sold beautiful items made from vintage wine labels.

"We have angel pins on our wreath over there and we have lucky cane plants in the corner over there. This is actually all my wife's stuff. That's the bad part about it. She's not here. Do you know how mad she's gonna be because she missed out being on TV?," said Clausing.

There was even a lighted boat parade to help the holiday sail in in-style.

Even with all the lights and the fun, you couldn't ignore the cool weather.

But it didn't seem to bother 9-year-old Alexandria Planchard, who we saw buying ice cream.

"I love it," said Planchard.

It seemed like love, as well as success, was in the air for this year's Christmas in the Pass.

Families and friends spreading holiday joy - all except two little puppies who didn't seem to agree with each other.

This was the nineteenth year for the event, sponsored by local business owners, churches, and service organizations.