Looking for cheap gas? Try Gautier

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - We all have a bit of sticker shock when filling up our cars these days. But one coast city offers a little bit less shock than most. Gas is cheaper in Gautier than just about anyplace else.

One of the people flocking to the city to fill up is Marc Reynolds.

"I have friends that come visit my store in Pascagoula and say how much is gas in Gautier," Reynolds said. "And a lot of them do drive over on the weekends and fill up. A lot of them."

In Gautier, the numbers at the pump just don't seem to spin as fast. And when you commute quite a ways to make a living, those numbers are very important. Tammy Wood drives 50 miles every day to work and back.

"I live in Biloxi. It costs 20, almost 20 cents more, so it's cheaper to get it over here," Wood said.  "I work at the shipyard and it's the best place to get it."

None of the managers at the Gautier gasoline stations wanted to go on camera, but they all said basically the same thing: There are so many stations so close to each other in the city of Gautier, that when one goes low, they all have to do it.  In other words, Gautier is having an old fashioned gasoline war.

That war means customers win the battle of the pump.

"I work in Pascagoula, but I live in Ocean Springs and I always stop in Gautier to get my gas, because it's always the cheapest. Always the cheapest," Karen Read said as she filled her tank Friday morning.

Some people, like James Morrison, welcome the relief the prices bring to their wallets. For him, the math is simple.

"Cheap prices on gas.  It's a whole lot cheaper than anyone else on the coast," Morrison said.  "I don't understand that. Chevron is right there in Pascagoula, but Gautier is cheaper. So I don't understand."

One of the station managers said she expects the price to drop even more in the coming days, possibly as early as Monday when new shipments arrive.

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