Domino's HS Player of the Week: Wes Windham

Oceans Springs emerged from last week's battle at Picayune as a serious contender in Region 4-6A.

The Greyhounds remained unbeaten in large part thanks to the effort of junior quarterback Wes Windham, who passed for a touchdown, and rushed for one as well.

With Ocean Springs down 9-7 in the waning moments of the first half at Picayune, Wes Windham had a coming-of-age moment as quarterback of the Greyhounds.

"I think there was 2 minutes left, and we had to go about 80 yards.  Wes came out, and threw about 7 strikes, and got us in the end zone with a few seconds left," said Ocean Springs coach Ryan Ross.

The 2-minute drive gave Ocean Springs much needed momentum, and a more importantly, a 5 pt lead heading into the locker room.

"I was just feeling in a rhythm, and coach Davis just kept calling good plays, and I was getting good protection," said Windham.

Windham is as humble as they come, refusing to take credit for his own individual success, but when talking about his team, Windham puffs out his chest with pride.

"I think we can go all the way this year, the coaches are confident, we're confident," Windham said.

And coach Ross is confident the team wouldn't be where it is today without Windham's leadership, and his ability to run the ball as well as pass in the spread offense.

"When he gets his chance and gets running north and south he does a good job for us moving the chains," Ross said.

"I'm not much of a strong runner, I've had to work at getting faster," Windham said.

Windham doesn't give himself enough credit.  He's tossed 4 touchdowns this year, but also rushed for 4 more as well.

And he's not afraid of a little contact.

"No sir I'm not, but I got a concussion in week 1, so I'm trying to be more aware out there," Windham said.

After the concussion, Windham underwent a 4-day recovery process before being cleared for a return to football.  Ocean Springs also bought him a new concussion-resistant helmet as well.  Everyone on the team knows Windham is fearless between the white lines when Friday night rolls around.

"They kind of make fun of me when I'm wearing the red jersey at practice, but I think they respect me because of my toughness in the game," Windham said.

4-0 Ocean Springs faces off against Hancock this Friday.  Coach Ross expects Windham to continue to make strides.

This is his first year starting.