NFL Power Rankings - Week 2

by Dave Schroeder -

Dave Schroeder's NFL Power Rankings - Week 1

1. Packers (2-0) – That was a scare in Carolina, but the Pack again will stay #1 until beaten.  The Pats are chasing though.

2. Patriots (2-0) – 940 passing yards?  Are you kidding me?

3. Saints (1-1) – I knew that defense would show up sooner or later.  Next?  A chance to prove that NOLA's preseason embarrassment in Houston was a fluke.

4. Jets (2-0) – There are a lot of teams at 2-0, but just as many great teams that have failed to jump out to a fast start.  The Jets move up 2 spots.

5. Texans (2-0) – This may be a little high, but no one else deserves this spot.

6. Eagles (1-1) – Without Mike Vick this team is more than beatable.  Philly fans hope Sunday's concussion becomes an isolated incident, not a recurring nightmare.

7. Lions (2-0) – This team would make the playoffs in most divisions, but can they keep up with the Packers and Bears? We will have to wait and see.  But this weekend Detroit should move to 3-0 with an easy win against Minnesota.

8. Bears (1-1) – They beat the Falcons, but were bloodied by the Saints.  The NFC North and NFC South will beat up on each other this season.

9. Ravens (1-1) – I had them #3 last week, but that loss to Tennessee was inexcusable.  Heck, my Colts could beat Tennessee right now!

10. Steelers (1-1) – Mike Tomlin got it right in saying that the win over Seattle didn't make up for the embarrassing loss to Baltimore.  Keep plugging along, but don't expect to jump Baltimore for a while.

11. Falcons (1-1) – Matt Ryan seemed to find his mojo.  A division win this weekend in Tampa will earn them a move up in the rankings.

12. Cowboys (1-1) – Lost in the comeback and Tony Romo's heroics is the fact that Dallas was trailing the 49ers by double digits!  I know the win was great, but that loss would have been really, really bad.

13. Redskins (2-0) – If this team wins the NFC East, I will be shocked.  That said, if they stay undefeated, they are going in my top 10 next week.

14. Bills (2-0) – Yes! The Bills are wayyy better, but this weekend there is no chance that they will prove better than the Patriots.

15. Giants (1-1) – This team has already lost 9 players for the season due to injury.  But they are still 1-1!  Their depth will be tested, but I like the G-men to steadily improve all season.  Unless they suffer more injuries ...

16. Bucs (1-1) – I don't like teams that barely beat other teams that are terrible.  That said, Raheem Morris couldn't care less what I think.  This team is dangerous, but I don't think they are a contender.

17. 49ers (1-1) – Do you realize how close Jim Harbaugh was to starting 2-0?  No.  Do you?  Yes.

18. Chargers (1-1) – This team is the best team in the NFC West, but they won't win the division.

19. Raiders (1-1) – This team will.

20. Broncos (1-1) – And this team isn't bad... but they aren't any good either.

21. Rams (0-2) – They probably belong a little higher, but you have to win a game first before I move you up.

22. Dolphins (0-2) – Please reward my confidence in you!  I think you can be the best last-place team in the league. (4th place in the AFC East)

23. Titans (1-1) – This team showed something against the Ravens.  But I think it was a mirage.

24. Panthers (0-2) - All they do is lose, but yet I am more and more impressed.  This week Cam Newton gets his first win against fellow rookie Andy Dalton.

25 Browns (1-1) – Congratulations, you beat my Colts.  Try to keep it up against Miami.  I'm sorry, but I don't think you can.  If you win, I promise to put you in the top 20.

26 Cardinals (1-1) – Not a bad effort in DC.

27. Bengals (1-1) - I don't really know what to say about this team other than "Good luck."

28. Jaguars (1-1) – They have one thing that every team below them doesn't have: a win.  They also have an insane coach that cut David Garrard and is going to get himself fired in the middle of the season.

29. Chiefs (0-2) – Q: How do you give up 89 points to the Bills and the Lions? A: I have no idea.  Absolutely none at all.

30. Seahawks (0-2) – I think the football gods will have their revenge on this team, which managed to make it into the playoffs with a 7-9 record last year.

31. Colts (0-2) - They held a brief lead against the Browns.  That's something to build on.  Although I feel like this team will be lucky to reach 20 points before Peyton Manning returns.  They'll be lucky to crack the end zone against Pittsburgh this week.

32. Vikings (0-2) - This is my favorite team in the league!  They allow me to honestly believe my Colts aren't the worst team in the league.  Please don't win a game!  If you do, I will have to move Indy into the cellar.