Carrie's Blog: Keepin' on, keepin' on

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - I am keepin' on, keepin' on. It's definitely been difficult, but the pay off has been amazing. I do feel a little older each morning because as I roll out of bed, I have more aches and pains!

Nolan has been putting me through the ringer. I am noticing weight loss in my face and mid section especially. Within the first two weeks, I had lost about six pounds and four percent body fat, and 12.5 inches total from neck, arm, chest, waist, hips and thigh.

It is up and down, and some days are much harder than others. But, Nolan and my support system help to keep me going.

I came up with a slogan today for myself, almost like my chant: "I am doing this for ME. I want to change the 'a' to an 'I' and be FIT, not fat!" This has been a total lifestyle adjustment. Everything revolves around when I can workout.

It is still difficult for me to prepare. That's where my main struggle lies. It is imperative to have your meals ready, so there is no reason to 'cheat.'

I actually ran a full mile without stopping. That's an accomplishment for me!!!

I'll continue to keep the updates coming, and I'll hope to hear from all of you about your journey, as well.

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