Bronze Star Goes To A Keesler Security Officer

Major Sergeant Jon Biddle is part of Keesler's 81st security force squadron. "As a kid, I always liked "Adam 12". Always like a cop," he said. "Always being a good guy."

The good guy was exceptionally good during his recent deployment to Oman. "I guess I've done something right over there. I worked hard. I think I did a good job," he said.

Sgt. Biddle's assignment in Oman was to secure its island air base, so U.S. war planes used in Operation Enduring Freedom could safely take off and land. The Air Force must have appreciated his efforts. Keesler held a formal ceremony in Sgt. Biddle's honor. Air Force brass congratulated Biddle for attention to detail, devotion to duty and a lot more while in Oman.

Gen. Michael Peterson addressed the invited guests. When he looked at Biddle's accomplishments in Oman, the general said, "The list is just line after line after line of leadership."

Biddle's parents watched with pride as Gen. Peterson pinned a Bronze Star Medal on their son.

"When I first learned about it, I felt kind of odd," said Sgt. Biddle, "because I know there are people over there actually, I know that sounds corny, but I know there are people dying and getting injured and dodging real bullets. And here I am just guarding the rear bases."

Biddle is back home again, guarding Keesler's base. And he's doing it with the same devotion that made him an Operation Enduring Freedom hero.