Family Overwhelmed By Support For Slain Daughter

Phuong Pham remembers her younger sister as a tomboy who grew up into a beautiful young lady. Lynda Pham turned 18 in July.

Phuong Pham said "She's just so friendly and happy, and always giving that smile. Everybody knows of her, and remembers her like that".

Lynda was also known as a hard worker, who was always willing to help out the family at the convenience store. So, the day after Thanksgiving, she urged her parents to take a mini-vacation.

Her dad, Quy Pham, said "We went to New Orleans to visit our older daughter. Lynda told us "Mom and Dad, I want to give you break. I'll watch the store by myself."

That night, after closing the store, someone beat Lynda on the head and robbed her. Lynda drove home and passed out on the floor. She woke up as soon as her parents came home.

Quy Pham said "I asked her what happened and she told me she was attacked at the store. She said her head hurt, and when I felt the back of her head, it didn't look bad".

The Phams say Lynda refused to go the hospital. She insisted on going to bed instead. The next morning, Ha Pham found her daughter on the bedroom floor. She held Lynda lifeless in her arms.

Ha Pham said "I can't believe she's gone. She was so excited about going to college, and now this happens".

Lynda's death is an even bigger blow for the Phams. They lost their 2-year old son during their journey from Viet Nam to the U-S in 1985. But the Phams say the outpouring of love and prayers from the Long Beach community have helped them through their grief.

Quy Pham said "We are so overwhelmed, when I go out to the store and I see all the flowers they put out there, we can't believe it".

Ha Pham said "We will never forget all that they've done for us. It will help ease our sorrow".

Long Beach Police still have no leads in this case. The Pham's store, Pineville Mart, has been closed since Lynda's murder. The family plans to re-open it on Monday.