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Civil Rights group in Brandon: Justice for James C. Anderson

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Warren Strain

The president of New Order National Human Rights Organization, Gerald Rose, says he wanted to go to Rankin County to try and get a sense of race relations there.

"This is basically where the problem started. This is where the suspect premeditated a crime and went to Jackson and killed an African American. I know this is a hate crime," Rose said.

Rose says even though 19-year-old Deryl Dedmon has been charged and is awaiting his trial. He thinks others were involved and they too should be charged.

"My concern is there was seven other suspects possible that were involved in this case and they have not been charged. Why is that? I know we do have one who is up for capital murder and another one charged with simple assault but we want to make sure that the other suspects do not get swept under the rug," Rose added.

Rose says that he is carrying on the torch carried by the fathers of the fathers of the Civil Rights Movement, which was lit decades ago.

"God called me in 1992, my dad was an activist, my house and church was put on fire growing up.I know the severity, how this can happen. If I leave tomorrow, I'm going down with a fight, bottom line, because we are not promised tomorrow anyway, why not do something positive," Rose said.

Rose says he respects the family's wishes not to seek the death penalty. He also says that he'll make contact with the Hinds County District Attorney to try and set up a meeting to pursue charges against the seven people he says that are involved but have not been charged.

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