Parents for Public Schools launches support campaign

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - More than 70 percent of American children attend public schools, according to the organization Parents for Public Schools. The non-profit has kicked off a new campaign to get more folks involved in public education.

Sharon Thompson teaches at Central Elementary Public school in Pascagoula and knows just how important her lessons are to her students.

"We need to be starting now to give them the skills and the info that they need so that can compete for jobs," Thompson said.

Second grade teacher Tracey Schoenberger couldn't agree more.

"I am always looking at them and seeing their futures before they can see even see it," Schoenberger said. "I see as an adult, a teacher, and mother, the potential in all my students."

But in this tough economy, teaching on a tight budget is a challenge.

"I work in a district that is very supportive, but I still find myself buying supplies for my students. I also write grants so I can have materials and extra technology for students," Thompson said.

Myya Robinson with Parents for Public Schools said the budget cuts for public schools have exceeded more than a billion dollars nationwide. Her organization is pushing to change that.

"I really think education is a good place to start investing some dollars," Robinson said.

Parents for Public Schools has a online campaign now encouraging everyone to speak up for public school.

"There is a petition that you can go online to sign. It talks about asking out legislators to really look at their priorities and consider public education as a top priority," Robinson said.

There is also a video contest.

"It is fun thing to do, and it kind of adds an emotional value to what we doing, just telling America what you love about your schools."

The Central Elementary teachers plan to support the cause, and Robinson said that's good to hear because education is vital to success.

If you'd like to learn more about the campaign, visit

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