Long Beach photographer donates her time to military spouses

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Typically on our Project Homefront, we feature stories of either veterans or active duty military. The two women we profiled in mid-September have never served in our military, but they certainly have a very strong connection to it.

Their names are Marjorie Maloney and Lindsay Huckabee. But this story was also about little Taylor Maloney and her daddy.

On the day Taylor was born, Marjorie's husband was in Guam with the Seabees. To this day, he still hasn't seen his beautiful little girl in person, but the family does have some wonderful photographs of little Taylor.

"She was so tiny," Taylor's mom told us, "We are just so fortunate to have those pictures."

About a month before she gave birth, Marjorie heard about Lindsay Huckabee of Long BeachIt was Lindsay who took the pictures.

"I just love babies," she said. "I love the pregnant belly and just that whole miracle of the bump to the birth is just amazing to me."

Lindsay said she just felt led to start taking child birth pictures for the wives of military folks whose husband's are deployed. And you might be surprised to hear what Lindsay, a professional photographer, charges for her services.

"For a military family that the dad is deployed, I do this for free. Because I don't think anybody should miss out on that, even if it is just through photographs," she said.

Marjorie's first childbirth experience dragged on and on. In fact, Marjorie started to wonder if the baby would ever arrive. Lindsay was there the entire time, not just taking pictures, but counseling and encouraging Marjorie.

"She was so great, being in the room with us, nothing surprised her," Marjorie said about her new friend.

The baby finally arrived at 4am. So after more than ten hours in the delivery room, you might be surprised to hear what Lindsay did next. She went home, but not to get some rest. She immediately started to download photos of the birth, so extended family and friends of Marjorie could see them.

When asked why she does this, her reply was direct and to the point.

"I am so blessed by being a part of the birth, and I thought I am not losing anything by going and hanging out at the hospital and getting a witness a miracle, so why not?"

In early November, Paul Maloney will be back home. Of course, his wife and the baby girl he has yet to see in person, will be there waiting.

And one other person will be there, with camera in hand.

"I will definitely be there," Lindsay said with a twinkle in her eye. " I will be there and I will be capturing the first time he sees his daughter and the first time she gets to kiss her husband, in  eight or nine months, I would not miss it."

As you can certainly tell, Lindsay is a special lady. She can be reached at Forever Yours Photography. The phone number is (228) 760-4395, and her email address is lindsayhuckabee@hotmail.com.

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