Moss Point police begin crackdown on dumping

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Old rusty tires, dirty sofas and garbage bags full of trash have all been dumped on Orange Grove Road in Moss Point time and time again.

The mess is just feet away from Kenneth Orton's home.

"Just a great big mess," Moss Point resident Kenneth Orton said. "It is creating rodents. My son and I went through here one day and there was a wild boar right on that side of the road eating out of a trash pile."

But Orton did admit the city has cleaned up the trash several times.

"But all it takes is one person and it is all back," Orton said. "I can tell you why they are doing this. Too many people are going around cleaning yards and instead of taking to a landfill, they dump it here."

When Police Chief Keith Davis heard about this illegal dump, he came out to see for himself. He said when people leave their trash around the community, it gives Moss Point a bad look.

"As you know, I just came to the City of Moss Point four months ago, and this is one of main topics that were of discussion," Davis said. "The community is tired of people dumping trash."

Chief Davis said in order to combat this problem, he has to catch people in the act. So he and the city are working together to put up surveillance cameras around Moss Point.

"Once we catch them, it is a misdemeanor offense and that is punishable by fines. And we are going to aggressively go after them."

The chief said this is just the first of many ideas in this new city-wide crackdown to show people Moss Point will have zero tolerance for dumping.

"We don't want to expend city dollars [cleaning up] trash sites. This is something that shouldn't be happening."

Chief Davis expects to purchase the first surveillance camera next month for about $10,000.

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