King Cab Company Buys Yellow Cab Cars & Trademark

A Gulfport cab company nearly doubled its fleet Monday with the purchase of twenty two Yellow Cabs.

The owners of King Cab Company saw the recent closing of Biloxi's Yellow Cab Company as an opportunity for expansion.

Monday morning, King Cab took possession of the cars and the familiar Yellow Cab trademark. The new owners are optimistic about future expansion of the taxi cab business.

King Cab president, Hussein El Hamaki, says the expansion is a good business move for his three year old company.

Twenty two Yellow Cabs will remain on the coast. King Cab negotiated a deal to add those taxis to its existing fleet of twenty five.

"Now, we've added the twenty two cars from the Yellow Cab to secure our company. Not only that, and we have the Yellow Cab trademark and the Yellow Cab phone number. This is very, very important," said El Hamaki.

The expanded company has already hired some of the drivers who lost their jobs when Biloxi Yellow Cab went out of business in late October. King Cab expects and is planning for even more growth in the need for cabs on the coast.

Salah Darwish is company vice president.

"As everybody knows, there's more casinos coming. Hard Rock already announced it's coming. There's about eight percent growth in population, plus the tourist industry," he said.

King Cab company is just three years old. Acquiring the Yellow Cab cars and trademark virtually doubles the size of the business.

The man long associated with Yellow Cab in Biloxi is happy his cars will still be servicing the coast.

"When you put in all your life, I never had a paycheck but the cabs, it gave me a good life. And we serviced a lot of people. And we have a lot of our good customers that will appreciate it. And I'll appreciate seeing Yellow Cab out there again," said Earl Ross.

The new owners appreciate an expansion opportunity in a market where tourism and the population are both increasing.

Along with its taxi business, King Cab also operates a limosine service. The company is based in Gulfport.