NFL Power Rankings - Week 1

Dave Schroeder's NFL Power Rankings - Week 1

1. Packers (1-0) – The Super Bowl champs will be #1 until they lose or until the Patriots overwhelm my senses with their amazing play.

2. Patriots (1-0) – Tom Brady's 517 yards passing were simply ridiculous.

3. Ravens (1-0) – Baltimore decimated Pittsburgh by forcing 7 turnovers.  Fear the bird.

4. Saints (0-1) – They went toe-to-toe with the champs on opening night.  That defense will look a whole lot better against Jay Cutler and the Bears.

5. Bears (1-0) – I hate placing them among the league's elite, but they just keep winning.  I want to think that last year was a fluke, but someone has to bring Chicago back down to earth first.

6. Jets (1-0) – It wasn't pretty, but then again, neither is Rex Ryan.  The Jets are winners, and they are mighty entertaining as well.

7. Eagles (1-0) – They may not be the Dream Team, but Michael Vick will win them 10 games by himself.

8. Steelers (0-1) – I'm going to give the Steelers a pass on their 35-7 loss to Baltimore, but they need to prove something this week.

9. Texans (1-0) – After years of misery, the Texans will finally jump to the top of the pile in the AFC South.  This opportunistic bunch will stake their claim to fame with Peyton Manning out of commission.

10. Lions (1-0) – I like it.  I like it a lot.

11. Falcons (0-1) – That was embarrassing, but Matt Ryan will rebound.

12. Cowboys (0-1) – The biggest Dallas collapse in 3 decades still left the Cowboys just 3 points shy of the powerful Jets.  This team is good, but will their talent translate into wins this year?

13. Raiders (1-0) – Great start, but beating division rivals will only get you so far (as we learned when Oakland went 6-0 against the AFC West last year and still failed to make the playoffs).

14. Redskins (1-0) – Rex Grossman picked his 'Skins to win the NFC East.  I laughed when I heard his statement, but that was an impressive come-from-behind win on 9/11.

15. Dolphins (0-1) – Until Wes Welker blew things up with his 99-yd TD, this game was still very much in question.  Miami  won't have to face the Pats every week, and that means the wins will start coming in a hurry.

16. Giants (0-1) – The G-men have to do better than that or they are going to drop like flies in next week's ranking.

17. Chargers (1-0) – Phillip Rivers is a great quarterback, but again captains the ship on a team destined to win the award for "Underachievers of the Decade."

18. Broncos (0-1) – Kyle Orton is 10x better than Tim Tebow…yet he still will lose this team as many games as he wins them.

19. Bucs (0-1) – The Lions are tough, but the Bucs will cause a disturbance in the force in the NFC South.

20. Bills (1-0) – Where did that come from?  I want to see more before I keep them this high.

21. 49ers (1-0) – Do you know who the MVP of the 49ers is?  Jim Harbaugh.  He is the reason why a sub-par San Fran team will win the West.

22. Rams (0-1) – This team is pretty good, but S. Bradford and S. Jackson need to be healthy for all 16 games for St. Louis to make noise in the incredibly quiet  NFC West.

23. Jaguars (1-0) – The least impressive 1-0 team in the league.

24. Chiefs (0-1) – I want to believe, but the Bills can't possibly be that good, can they?

25. Titans (0-1) – Did anyone else see Matt Hasselback's epic fail in blocking for a screen?

26. Seahawks (0-1) – They may not deserve to be ranking this low, but they sure don't deserve to be ranked very high either.

27. Cardinals (1-0) – As you will learn this year, I have a stunning lack of faith in all things NFC West.

28. Panthers (0-1) – Cam Newton shows great promise, but the parts around him need to be upgraded.

29. Colts (0-1) – My Colts looked lifeless without Peyton Manning.  It's going to be a long year in the Super Bowl city.

30. Bengals – Congrats, you beat the Browns, but I think everyone here knows you aren't going anywhere in the AFC North.

31. Vikings (0-1) – No love for Minnesota yet.  Keep trying Vikes.

32. Browns (0-1) – I can't believe I'm placing Colt McCoy at the bottom of the pile.  But based on the eye test I honestly would favor every team in the league above the Browns.  I thought they would be better, but you have to be able to beat the Bengals to get any sort of recognition here.