Court Street parking lines create problems in the Bay

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A parking space striping problem in downtown Bay St. Louis is creating some headaches for those who work or live on Court Street.

As part of the city's ongoing work to address parking concerns in Old Town, the city created 18 new parking spaces on Court Street. But the spaces are too big for the narrow road, virtually turning Court into a one way street.

"Absolutely, two cars can not go down there," said Vera Mestayer.

Mestayer owns a real estate company on Court Street. She said traveling on the roadway is now next to impossible.

"If there are cars parked here, there will be no place for one of the cars to pull over. So you will really, basically, be at a standstill. Or someone is going to have to back up to the beach or back up to one of the cross streets."

She said even pulling out of her driveway is dangerous.

"When you back out, there is always the fear that you're going to hit the car that's parked there."

Public Works Director Buddy Zimmerman said the oversized parking spaces were a horrible mistake.

"The contractor came in on a Tuesday after Labor Day, he got everything ready, everything marked out and called for me to come down and look at it," Zimmerman said. "I was tied up on something else, and in order not to hold the work up, I told him to go ahead and start painting on them. When I road down later that day, I saw the problem it was going to cause."

Zimmerman said the good news is residents and business owners will only have to deal with the problem temporarily.

"Talked to the contractor yesterday morning and he said he should be here within five working days to come in and correct the problem."

Zimmerman said the standard 10x20 spaces worked on three other streets in Old Town, but just not on Court Street.

"We're going to have to come back and black it out and bring them back down to seven feet. You'll still have room to park up against the curb and still have room for two lane traffic out on the roadway."

City leaders say, as part of their downtown parking master plan, they will embark on a striping project on Main Street later this year.

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