Police Need Help Finding Teen's Killer

As many people are wrapping up a Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones, a Long Beach couple is grieving the loss of their teenage daughter. Police have no leads in the death of Linda Pham, but they hope tips from the community will help them find her killer.

Unlike other Sundays, the "OPEN" sign at the Pineville Mart convenience store is not lit. Flowers and cards line the store front. Friends and neighbors drop by, but the only thing they're paying is their respects.

Long Beach Alderman Billie Skellie said, "We knew her. We liked her and she was just a cute, sweet girl."

That's how many people remember Linda Pham, the daughter of the couple who owns Pineville Mart Convenient Store in Long Beach. Little did they know their 18-year-old daughter's life would come to a violent end.

Police say Linda Pham was attacked while she was closing the store late Friday night. She was hit on her head and someone stole her purse. Linda did talk to police shortly after the attack but died from head injuries later that night.

People who live in the area are just trying to figure out how something like this could happen in their quiet community.

Skellie said, "It's a personal thing--not nearly the same as the family losing her, I'm sure, but very personal. We've been very interested in trying to find the solution in who did it."

Emmett Dubuisson lives next door to the store. He said the outpouring of community support doesn't surprise him at all because the entire Pham family is known for their generosity and kind deeds.

He said, "Sometimes I come over here in the morning, I live by myself, to get coffee, ah, they don't let me pay for coffee."

As police continue to search for Linda's killer, the community will continue to mourn the loss of the beloved teenager whose life ended too soon.

No arrests have been made in this case, but an investigation is still underway.

Long Beach police ask that if you have any information in this case please call Crime Stoppers or the Long Beach Police Department at 863-7292.

The Phams have temporarily closed Pineville Mart convenient store. Linda's father said they plan to re-open later this week.