Juvenile prisoner picks locked door with toothbrush

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County Youth Detention Officials said an out-of-control teen was able to pick a locked door at the Harrison County Youth Detention Center on Sunday which forced a lockdown. Biloxi police were called to the facility around 9 a.m. to help detention center staff deal with a 17-year-old being held on domestic violence charges.

It all started when guards let the teen out of his cell for a bathroom break. Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman said, the young man went into a rage.

"In the process of bringing him back down the hallway, that's when the particular juvenile became uncontrollable," said Swetman. "There was a mop bucket in the hallway where the staff was cleaning and mopping this morning. That juvenile grabbed the mop bucket and proceeded to bang on these windows with it."

Swetman said after the teen started making threats the detention center went into lockdown to protect medical staff and other juveniles in the building. Then guards realized the teen had somehow gotten hold of contraband.

"We're currently investigating how he got it. It was a toothbrush. He utilized the end of a toothbrush to gain access to one door which was a female section but those females were locked down behind another door. We'll take the necessary actions to weld a plate over that door now so that that can't happen," said Swetman.

Swetman said Biloxi police and guards spent about 30 minutes talking to the young man until he calmed down and became cooperative.

"In the corrections business whether it be juveniles or adults, you are going to have times like this where individuals are uncontrollable. You try to deal with them the best you can. We're just fortunate today there are policies today. Those policies were followed and there were no injuries as a result," Swetman added.

The juvenile was taken away by Biloxi police. Swetman said it is not known at this time if he will face any additional charges.

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