Furloughed employees get help from a city leader

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Before Bo Humphry was furloughed from Waveland's public works job, he detailed cars for just to pick-up extra cash. Now, it's survival.

"It's called Mobile Magic Auto Detailers. I say, 'I clean on the scene.' It means I come to you, and I detail your vehicle. It started off as just a part time hustle; now it might turn into a full-time gig until or if the city ever calls me back," said Humphry.

When Alderwoman Lili Stahler learned how Humphry was making ends meet, she wanted to help by helping to spread the word.

"I send out a monthly newsletter. So I just sent out a bulletin, and I also put it on my facebook page and on my website," Stahler said. "Bo has been getting calls, and it was very gratifying. I said let's see what other employees are furloughed and have odd jobs that they can pick up some money."

Harold Gillum is in lawn care now.

"I need to make more money now to take care of my family," said Gillum.

Stahler's e-mail blast is making their phones ring.

"The outpouring, the love that I've received from friends and family, they call me "Bo." Are you working? No. Well come do my vehicle today. The love from Hancock County, from citizens just in general, is wonderful, and then you've got Lili she's sending out e-mails. I never thought she'd send e-mails about something like that; that's just love. In a time of need, we need love," said Humphry.

Gillum echoed his words, "It really does show that she care about what we're going through. I'm appreciative of every effort that she has been putting forth."

"I feel a responsibility to our employees. Many of them have been with us a long time. They are furloughed because we just didn't have the money to pay them, but that doesn't mean that they're not good employees. And that we don't want the best for them and want them back," Stahler said.

Stahler said if any furloughed worker has a business or service to advertise, they should contact her or Waveland City Hall at 228-467-4134.

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