3 Doors Down Kicks Off Tour At Home

Hundreds of fans made their way to the Coast Coliseum to see 3 Doors Down in the first concert of their 2004 Away From The Sun Tour.

"I love 3 Doors Down," said Lacie Overstreet.

"It's 3 Doors Down. These are the homeboys. You gotta come see 3 Doors Down," said Lori Barry.

"They always come by CPR Fest, so I figured I'd come out here and support the band, support the locals," said Joey Cates.

"A local band made good . That's what it's all about. Supporting your local people," said Roy Bassett.

According to the band's website, many of the lyrics on the "Away From The Sun" CD are about the loneliness the members feel while they are on the road. Now, they are back home, and its time to shine.

"They've done a lot for themselves. They've made it big and I think high of them," said Jerry Matthews.

"They're from here. They're great," said Angela Farmer.

The band rose to fame back in 2000 with the hit song "Kryptonite", and since then, they've had nothing but the power of a superhero.

In two years alone, they had four #1 singles, a couple of world tours under their belts, numerous award nominations, and of course, they gained hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.

And it doesn't look like they are slowing down anytime soon.

Not too shabby for some kids from Jackson County.

"What's so special about them? Are you kidding me? They're from here. They're rockin' the party," said Shatarra Rodriguez

If you missed the 3 Doors Down party, the tour will continue to Huntsville, Alabama, Tupelo,Mississippi, and New York City.