Tropical storm victim needs help in the Kiln

KILN, MS (WLOX) - A Hancock County woman was recently reminded how quickly the weather can change.

She lost everything in a matter of seconds when Tropical Storm Lee flipped her mobile home over Saturday night. She's now going to need a helping hand to start over.

The stairs to Mary Lancaster's Kiln home now lead no where. And she's still amazed at Mother Nature's power.

"Still in shock from it," Lancaster said. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I saw it."

She barely escaped her mobile home.

"I heard something like a train, then all of the sudden it just picked my trailer up and my trailer flew backwards."

She lost everything.

"I can't salvage anything. They went in to try to get stuff and the walls started collapsing. I got my purse out and my medicine and that's it. Everything else in there is destroyed. It looks like a blender went off in there."

The single mother of two was widowed ten years ago.

"I have no insurance and so I'm left with nothing. I don't have anything."

Lancaster said she had just finished an extensive renovation project on the mobile home. Now she fears there was too much structural damage to save it.

"The only thing we had left to do was the floors, and that was the next step we were going to work on. So it was all remodeled and it was all I had," explained Lancaster. "There's no salvaging this one and nothing in there."

Her cousin, Durenda Viator, said she will need a hand to get back on her feet.

"She's not one to ever ask for anything on her own. She's always been a giver and now she's on the other end. She really needs all the help she can get now," said Viator.

A benefit account has been set up in Mary D. Lancaster's name at Hancock Bank. If you'd like to help her, simply stop by any of the bank's branches and tell them you'd like to make a donation.

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