Saucier Woman Recovering From Mobile Home Fire

Margaret Reagan is thankful for her life this holiday.

Fire destroyed many of her things and left her mobile home heavily damaged. She nearly passed out in the smoke, trying to make her way outside.

Such a tragedy is tough anytime, but especially difficult just before the holidays.

Happy Christmas decorations outside help mask the ruins found inside the mobile home. Margaret Reagan had spent the day putting up lights and ornaments.

"I came back in here trying to see where it was coming from and it was at the fireplace and it was so smoky you couldn't see anything in here, and I liked to pass out in the living room," she explained.

Fire in the fireplace got out of control. Soon the ceiling was ablaze.

"This is where they had to knock a hole up there because it was burning through. and they was shooting water and stuff up there," she said, pointing to the gaping hole in her bedroom ceiling.

Volunteer firefighters knocked down the flames, but not before some extensive damage. A string of stars hangs across the entrance to the charred living room. There's soot on the Santa.

"I had bought the grand babies stuff and it's all got wet and everything for Christmas, what Christmas gifts I had accumulated," she said.

Fire destroyed goods and gifts, but Margaret Reagan will take comfort in the arms of friends and family this Thanksgiving.

"Makes you just want to throw up your hands, you know," she said.

The home can be rebuilt, the belongings replaced. The important thing is, she's here to talk about what happened.

"If I'd been asleep, I'd have never made it out of here," Reagan said.

Loved ones are coming to Margaret Reagan's aid now, hoping to help salvage her home and her holidays.

Friends and family have organized the effort to help her recover from the fire. There's a need for clothing, household goods and other belongings. Lumber is also needed to help rebuild the home. If you'd like to help out, you can reach the family at 865-9128.