Mother is desperate to find missing son

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Anita Holloman is a very worried mother.  "I'm hoping and I'm praying but I'm getting this bad feeling that I feel like he's not alive."

Call it mother's intuition. Anita spends most days wondering what happened to her 25 year old son.  Jeffrey Holloman was reported missing in Mobile County on August 3rd.  No one knows where he is. No calls to home in Moss Point, and no progress in the case.  Flyers are posted on the family mailbox.

Anita Holloman feels her son would never do something like this. "This is not like my son." Holloman said.  "If something hadn't happened to my son, my son would be home, he would call me and get in touch with me.  He's never done this before."

Jeffrey's grandmother, Glenda Poole, can't hide her emotions, her hands twisting in unseen agony.  "I want him to be safe. No matter what." Poole said. "Please, if you all got any clues at all of his whereabouts, then let somebody know, please.  We're worried about him."

Family members say Jeffrey has been in trouble in the past, and was on probation.  That leads to a theory for investigators from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Mick Sears is the chief investigator.  "If we run with the wrong crowd, things do tend to happen. We may even find him in jail somewhere." Sears said.  "We're hoping that maybe that's the best case scenario, that he's gotten picked up by somebody and he's in jail and they don't know that he's missing."

Obviously, family members are distraught and they are confused and they're looking for answers.  No matter what those answers might be, according to Anita.  "If he's alive or if he's dead, either one, I want him found."

If you have any information about  this case, you can call the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 769-3063.

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