Friends Remember Boyce Holleman

He loved life, showed kindness to others, and was devoted to his family.

That's how Boyce Holleman was remembered during a memorial service Tuesday at First Baptist Church in Gulfport. The 79 year old died last week following a brief illness.

"This is an end of an era. We'll never see the likes of him again," said Judge Gaston Hewes, who delivered the eulogy for his close friend.

Anyone who knew Boyce Holleman would agree with that. He was a colorful character indeed, who leaves behind an extended family of loved ones.

"Consisting of lawyers, military comrades, actors, bridge players, musicians, golfing buddies. He would make each of us feel as though we were special to him. And we were," said Judge Hewes.

His pastor recalled that Holleman's favorite bible verse, from the Book of Micah, was an appropriate blueprint for life that Holleman faithfully followed. It says to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

"We could stand today ladies and gentlemen and share story, after story, after story of the kindness of Boyce Holleman that has flowed into each of your hearts and each of your lives," said Dr. Chuck Register.

His pastor shared a story of one such kindness. A woman came to Boyce Holleman's door and wanted to borrow forty dollars to buy some tires. He gave her the money, knowing he'd never see it again, but telling his wife, "she needed it, and I had it".

Those who know and love Boyce Holleman are not surprised.

"Man did he love life. And can any of us here say he didn't squeeze several lifetimes into his 79 years," said Hewes.

The funeral procession rolled past the courthouse, down the boulevard which bears the name of the man that so many admired.

Boyce Holleman was buried in Floral Hills cemetery with full military honors.