Laboring on Labor Day cleaning up Lee's mess

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Many Hancock County residents spent their Labor Day holiday laboring to clean up the mess Lee left behind. Residents found themselves picking up debris and clearing mud from their slabs and storage units underneath their raised homes.

The storage unit underneath the Fleming's raised home flooded.

"It came up about 16, 18 inches," Bay St. Louis resident Leland Fleming said

But he said he can live with that, especially since he didn't lose any tools or lawn equipment.

"No, we did not because we knew it was coming, so we prepared for it."

Now it's just a matter of putting things back in place at his Shoreline Park home.

"Clean everything up and make sure the water hasn't damaged anything," Fleming said.

Tropical Storm Lee left a muddy mess on Steve Hughes' slab. And he didn't mind spending his Labor day holiday getting it up.

"It's the day we have available to do this. And it's a lot easier when it's wet than when it's dry it's a lot harder to clean up," Hughes said.

In the Jourdan River Shores community, water still remained on some of the roadways Monday morning. But that didn't stop residents from starting their post storm clean-up routines.

"We're just trying to get some debris out of the yard and off of the dock. And here behind me our Sea-doo dock broke loose during the night with that strong wind, so we're just trying to make sure our things don't float off until this water subsides."

"We are laboring on Labor Day, but it actually kind of feels good because we've been stuck in the house for two days," explained Jourdan River Shores Resident Terry Olivier.

She and others know this won't be the last time they'll have to do this, but they say they are more than willing.

"You get tired of it to some degree, but you know that's the price you pay when you want to live on a canal or on the water. I love the water, so I'll keep doing it," said Bay St. Louis resident Donald Seymour.

Fleming said, "Every refuge has its price."

"You have to take the good with the bad, this is the bad. But we have a lot of good too, so we'll stay here," Hughes said.

While the clean up continues, Hancock County officials seem to believe the emergency has passed. They officially closed the Emergency Operations Center Monday evening at around 4pm.

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