Time to assess storm damage

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - After three days of heavy rain, tropical force winds and flooding concerns, the Mississippi Coast is now assessing the damage and calculating the costs from Tropical Storm Lee.

Harrison County Emergency Management Executive Director Rupert Lacy said, all things considered, "We fared quite well."

Lacy met with city representatives Monday morning in an effort to assess damage.

"As the cities have been doing each day, we discussed the situation. We've not seen a lot of wind damage, but we do have a few issues. Street signs, drainage systems, sewerage problems. And those are real concerns. You can't put a price tag on it yet. Within the next day or so we'll tabulate the cost."

The beach took a beating. The Sand Beach Authority will be busy over the next few days cleaning debris that washed ashore.

Recently erected beach fencing was shredded by tropical storm winds.

While the city of Gulfport's new $19 million harbor was unscathed, the city did have to shut down Urie Pier on the southern tip of the harbor complex because the pier buckled and pilings were damaged by relentless tidal action.

Rupert Lacy said Emergency Operations officials monitored the storm very closely and coastal residents need to remain prepared.

"It reminds us we've got to be ready. We're at the peak of the hurricane season. We still have another 30 days we need to very cautious over."

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