Down power lines, crushed trailers, Lee inflicts damage in Saucier

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Winds tore through the Saucier community snapping trees, ripping power lines and crushing trailers all evidence of a powerful tornado on Sunday.

"Well it was just four or five seconds of a loud vibrating sound. And then it was gone, just that-quick," Jimmy Mornton said.

The loud rumble sent chills down Saucier resident Jimmy Mornton's spine. He said this is the worst tropical storm damage he has seen.

"People always look at category three and four storms, but people don't realize this is the kind of damage that can happen from a tropical storm," Mornton said. "Me and my brother have been surveying the damage and there are more trees down now then there was for Katrina."

Lisa Collins lives about three miles from Morton's property in Saucier she said when the tornado came above her home the sound was horrifying.

"Heard a really loud noise and it kind of scared me it sounded like a vacuum cleaner suction," Collins said.

She said her first instinct was to run to safety.

"I kind of liked freaked out and I ran down the hallway and my husband got up. And it lasted for about 20 or 30 seconds and the house felt like it was shaking," Collins said.

She described hesitating at first, then opening the front door once the house stopped shaking.

"And we come outside and there was a transformer on fire. So I was really, really scared. I've never been through anything like this before," Collins explained.

A path of destruction covered the Saucier area with large pine trees down everywhere.

"My brother and I estimated about 30 to 35 big ones and no telling how many smaller ones," Mornton said. "You can see on the roof right there. And we have some wood that's come down, but that's what we know right now. We're very fortunate though. Nobody got hurt that's what we thank the Lord for."

After assessing damage in the area, Lizana Volunteer Fire Department officials said they believe the major damage was done near West Wortham and Bond Roads.

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