Saucier Family Business destroyed overnight

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Strong winds that moved through various parts of South Mississippi destroyed a family business in Saucier. Equipment Plus has been doing business in the city for three years and now, they're forced to start all over again.

Michelle Blenden and her son spent the day searching through the wreckage of their Saucier family business.

After three years of service, the Blenden's shop was put out of business in just one night.

"We heard the roaring go right by our house. We hunkered down and whenever the noise stopped we came outside and looked around and this is what we saw," said Michelle Blenden.

What they saw was the 40 by 40 foot metal structure completely destroyed; the damage so intense it even uprooted the families underground electrical system.

"I saw the shop upside down, trees everywhere, everything is just devastated," said 15-year-old Brandon Blenden.

"My husband and Brandon came out first and I stayed inside because I have a newborn baby. I was too scared to even come out and look. He said it was gone completely and I thought surely you know he just means the roof or something, but when we finally all made it out it was definitely all gone. Every bit of it."

Amongst the downed trees and broken glass, the grounds of this family business reeks of paint as company supplies lay scattered throughout the property.

Still, even though the business has been completely destroyed, the family's home which is right next door remains fully intact. For that, this mother and wife said she is grateful.

"As a mother I'm just glad that all the children were safe. That was my main concern, knowing everybody was safe, this is just stuff. It can all be replaced," Michelle Blenden said.

So though a part of their life has completely spun out of control the family said they agreed that won't stop them from moving forward.

Aside from minor damage to a window, the family's home was fine. The family has already contacted their insurance company in hopes of rebuilding soon.