Moss Point residents return to flooded homes

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Rose Drive residents in Moss Point were drying their clothes, rugs and other personal items  Sunday one day after Tropical Storm Lee pushed lots of water into their homes.  At least 30 people had to be rescued from the neighborhood Saturday night.

"Many residents on Rose Drive returned home to clean up the mess Tropical Storm Lee caused in their neighborhood on Saturday.

"About two or three inches got in the house," resident Bobby Nelson said.

Nelson said the storm turned the street into a lake and soaked several of his important items inside and outside of his home.

"My shoes, my carpet's wet and suitcase that I couldn't lift that up," Nelson explained. "The water came right up here to me.  Knee deep."

Tammy Stallworth said water got all the way to her doorstep. Washing several of her neighbor's things into her front yard. Her daughter Abby recorded the whole thing on her cell phone.

"I didn't think it was going to be that bad until I saw the rescue boats," Tammy's daughter, Abby Stallworth said.

Although these rising waters could be blamed on Tropical Storm Lee, some in Moss Point indicated that flooding is nothing new in the area and they said they blame bad drainage.

"We pay taxes we should not have to live like this. "We are the ones that have to be suffering all the time," resident Jimmy Hill said.

Moss Point's Aniece Liddell asserts that all the drains and bayous near Rose Drive were cleaned out before the storm, so that's not the issue.

Liddell said the drainage system is just older now and needs to either be rechanneled or expanded, so more water can flow through. She also added that the city now has a mitigation grant to help pinpoint and fix the problems.

Neighbors hope this fix comes soon so they won't have to worry about getting washed out again.

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