T.S. Lee strikes fear in some, fascinates others

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Hurricanes and tropical storms don't just bring fear they also bring a feeling of curiosity.

On Sunday the love of mother nature became apparent as curious on lookers gravitated toward Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches. Among those beach goers were a few wind surfers and even fishermen.

The higher the waves got the more people arrived at Bay St. Louis beach. Some of those people shared their thoughts about Tropical Storm Lee.

"It's a little rougher than we thought. I notice that the dock is busted up a little over there. These waves are crashing pretty good, but hopefully this is the worst of it. We can get through this with just a little bit of clean up," onlooker, Claude Furr said.

As the waves crashed the shoreline people brought their cameras. Others pulled out fishing poles.

"I just think [with] any kind of tropical storm, hurricane or anything-the waves are just completely awesome. Just nature itself and the wind. We were out here last night and it was just like unbelievable," Roserita Lef said.

Lef was among the many on lookers mesmerized by mother nature.

Some on lookers said as beautiful as the waves are they are mindful that these types of storms can be destructive, even deadly.

"You never know what it's going to do. I mean it can go one way and the meteorologist can say it's going to go that way and in an instant it can like go completely opposite direction and stuff," Lef said.  Definitely have a lot of respect for nature. I mean it can change your life in an instant, everything. As we all know down here."

Not everyone on the beach was out having fun. Some government officials were conducting damage assessments. Another man was doing a bird count to see how Tropical Storm Lee was affecting wildlife.

A flash flood watch is still effect for South Mississippi through Monday, September 5, 2011.

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