Despite Lee's threat, people still head to the beach

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The surf is up and the waves are pounding. Even with Tropical Storm Lee's fury on full display, people who love the beach will not give up their favorite pastime.

A family of six, eight if you count the dogs, braved the conditions to play a little fetch with a big stick.

No one seemed to mind the threatening skies and the blowing sand.

Lori Hall is spending time with her two grandchildren. So why head down to the water.

"We're just coming down here to check out the waves and somebody told us that the water was almost up to the road so we wanted to come and just take a look at it." Hall said.  "We're a little nervous about it because we kind of rode out Katrina right here on the Front Beach in Ocean Springs."

Others like Rod Handley and his friends spent the morning dodging downpours and took advantage of this little weather window of opportunity.

"Because the weather has been so bad, we didn't get a chance to get to the beach, so there was one little bit of sunshine today so we thought we'd come down here take advantage of it," Handley said.

There were joggers, people taking pictures and folks just going for a wind driven walk.

Others were on vacation, like Kelsey DeSanti and her husband. Not exactly great timing to take a break from work to get away from it all.

"Our parents were telling us not to go, but we said you're not going to leave your home when Katia hits on the East Coast." DeSanti said. "We're from South Florida so this is nothing. We're just driving into it."

Right after I finished reporting on this story, the skies opened up once again, and people on the beach scampered for shelter.

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