Downed trees litter north Harrison County

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - In Saucier, people woke up on Sunday morning and found power lines dangling from their poles.  Mobile homes were on their sides.  And trees crashed to the ground.

No tornados were reported in the Saucier community.  However, victims of Tropical Storm Lee said their community sure looked like a tornado scene.

WLOX News reporter Jessica Bowman is driving through Saucier, capturing scenes of destruction, and sending them back to  One of the pictures she recently sent had shattered glass littering a wooden deck.  When other pictures arrive, we'll post them on our website.

Lee remains a tropical storm, though for much of the early morning, that was difficult to realize.  As people got out of bed in Harrison and Jackson Counties, they actually saw the sun.  And virtually no wind was blowing.  However, Hancock County and Pearl River Counties were still getting hammered by a band of storms associated with Lee.

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