T.S. Lee victim: "I saw my trailer flipping"

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mary Lancaster had a brush with Tropical Storm Lee. And this morning, the Hancock County woman is counting her blessings. She survived what she called a near death experience. "It was unbelievable it was just like nothing I've been through before it was terrible!" Lancaster escaped her mobile home just seconds before straight line winds rocked it off of its foundation and flipped it over. Al Showers has her horrifying story.

"I was in the bed and the wind picked up real bad." said Lancaster as she recounted a moment that turned her home, and her life upside down. "So I called my friend and said what's going on, because she watches the weather all the time. I said what's going on she said we got a tornado warning for Hancock County or a watch or whatever. She said as fast as you can you need to get out of there so I did."

With no time to waste, Lancaster said she ran out of the mobile home and took shelter in her car. "That's when it hit. I heard a weird sound like a train and I got out and that's when it flipped. I saw my trailer flipping," she said.

The terrifying scene got a bit more tenuous a few seconds later. "I was in this car right here and a tree rooted up and it was terrible," Lancaster said.

She's fine, but everything inside of the mobile home was turned upside down. And she fears she will have to start all over. When asked what she does next, Lancaster said, "I don't know. I have no idea. I guess stay with my son as long as I can.

She knows those things can be worked out. And she's grateful her friend, and God were watching over her.

"I'm blessed. I'm very blessed to be alive," she said.

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