Moss Point neighbors evacuated; Shelter to open in Gautier

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County has been feeling the impact of Tropical Storm Lee this weekend. Some flooded roads were impassable. Saturday, officials issued a voluntary evacuation order requesting that residents in trailers and low lying areas leave.

Over in the PineHurst Community, Sarah Toche, her mom along with neighbors all spent Saturday watching water creep up their driveways.

"I have been seeing a lot of water," Toche said.

They said this storm has them on high alert, especially after going through the monster storm Katrina.

"It actually didn't flood during Camille and or Georges. But, of course, Katrina was almost up to our necks. We are basically here to make sure everything stays dry inside," Sarah's mom said.

Some people weren't waiting to see Lee's next move; they were at Walmart stocking up on goods for the next few days.

"I rather be prepared more than last time. I brought a big sack of rice and I already have some canned foods at home and some candles," Maria Dukes said.

Emergency Management Director Donald Langham said everyone should continue to take this storm seriously because the weather is expected to get worse.

"With these rain bands, they are churning up some circulation in the storm. There have been no tornado touchdowns reported in the county, but there is that possibility and that will continue for the next day or two."

Over in Moss Point, the fire department picked up more than 20 people from a flooded neighborhood and brought them to dry ground. Fire officials said the storm pushed more than three feet of water on to Rose Drive. Firefighters blocked off the area because of the water.

Neighbors said the area usually floods, but they were not expecting that much water to rush in so fast.

Jackson County will open a shelter Sunday at 8 a.m. for those who need to evacuate. It will be located at the Gautier Convention Center, next door to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the city library.

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