South Beach Blvd. closed in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Beach Blvd. between Sears Ave. and the Silver Slipper Casino in Hancock County closed Saturday night due to flooding. The roadway took a beating all day long from Tropical Storm Lee. In many areas, water was splashing over the seawall flooding the roadway.

Leaders in Hancock County say, so far, Lee has produced few surprises.

"The areas that normally flood did flood," Hancock County Emergency Management Director Brian Adam said. "The low lying areas: Shoreline Park , Heron Bay, the beach from Sears Avenue to the Silver Slipper, all roads were flooded."

As were the roadways in the Garden Isles community. Peggy Damiens found that out when she got off work at 3am Saturday morning.

"Came down Washington, the bridge at Washington Street was flooded," Damiens said. "Then I got all the way to Garden Street and everything was flooded out here. I couldn't get home. So I called a friend, went to her house and stayed there until 5 o'clock this morning."

Once the water receded, she was shocked to see she had gotten a foot of water underneath her raised home.

"I had not pre-planned for it. I thought it wasn't coming til Saturday, meaning today. Plants floated away, my big garbage can floated away, and I have no idea what else."

Lee brought waves to Waveland, pounding the sand beach.

"You're going to have a lot of erosion," Adam remarked.

And the powerful wave action put the new seawall to the test.

"I'm amazed at how this water is already coming over the seawall and we didn't even get the full brunt of the storm yet," said Bay St. Louis resident Jay Heitzmann.

"We're expecting tonight to be like last night and we're preparing for the worst," Adam said.

Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is something Peggy Damiens says she's had enough of.

"Trying to get back home this morning, I'm really thinking about selling my place. I've been right here for 20 years, but it's getting old. It's getting very old."

There is still a voluntary evacuation in place. Anyone who thinks they should evacuate can go to the shelter on Highway 43 in the Kiln.

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