Riverside residents prepare for inland flooding

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - With the water's edge creeping closer, riverside residents are preparing their home against flooding.

"We think it's going to get up to 14 feet. Above the slab is 11 so, that should give us about three feet above the slab. So, basically we're getting all our vehicles and shop up to the deck, or we're putting them into the U-Haul," said Biloxi resident Dan Schroeder.

"Because the dock was flooding we had to get a bunch of sandbags from the wheelbarrow and stack it up on the fence," said Gulfport resident Cooper West.

Sandbags and stashing items up high are a first defense for these residents.  Currently, the shoulder of Highway 15 is being used as a storage spot for vehicles.

Another concern is roadway flooding.  In some of riverside neighborhoods, a flooded road means there's no way out.  However, long time residents say they're accustomed to the threat.

"If you live here in this area, I love it, but about every three or four years you have to do this," said Schroeder.

Often dealing with the rising river also means that flood prep comes easy to most.  Schroeder and his family have even built a crane that can quickly lift heavier items to the porch above.

The Biloxi River is expected to crest Sunday evening.  Until then, residents will continue to keep an eye on the water's edge.

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