Character counts at Vancleave High School

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - Students at Vancleave High School take pride in their school and their attitude.

"Trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship," Patricia Stewart said.

And the list continues on. Respectful and responsible. Students at Vancleave High School, like senior Patricia Stewart, strive to achieve this type of character day after day.

Stewart said, "Character Counts is a program we do at the school. We have announcements every week just to give a friendly reminder of what we really have to be. The character we're supposed to show."

Stewart said the motto is going viral throughout the school and her fellow classmates are really taking advantage of the program.

"We have posters all over the school as reminders. And we do different activities in the classroom and we get incentives for showing good character. We get to have our names called over the intercom and we get to have jean days and get to go to lunch early and break early, which is really awesome," said Stewart.

Behavioral Specialist at Vancleave High School Brandon Johnson helped form the program one year ago. He said it's critical students are constantly reminded of the importance of positive behavior.

Brandon Johnson said, "And it kind of does a psychological affect on the students. When they walk down the hall way and see responsibility it reminds them to be responsible inside the classroom."

One year in the making this program is already showing its success.

"We've already seen a decrease in referrals this year because of the Character Counts program," Johnson said.

Stewart added, "No matter how old or how young you are, this is something you have to keep in your heart and you have to keep on your mind. It's nice to have this at the high school to help remind us that good character does count. And I think as I get older, I'll use that to share with my kinds and my own life."

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