Waveland's reduced police force put to the test

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - A Waveland restaurant owner is fighting for his life after being stabbed at the business. His wife was also injured and their business partner is under arrest.

The violent crime brought the first real test for Waveland's recently reduced police force. When the call came in of a double stabbing, Waveland's lone patrolman arrived on the scene first. With no police backup, he called for sheriff's deputies.

"One man went out on this call and within just a matter of minutes he had back up to help protect him," said Kenny Hurt.

Hurt is Chief Investigator with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department, but has volunteered to help run the Waveland Police Department. He said four sheriff's deputies and two Waveland officers responded to the stabbing call.

There was an arrest and he's charged with two counts of aggravated assault."

Hurt said the incident shows Waveland can temporarily function safely with a reduced police force.

"There's always been a great working relationship when it comes time to take care of business. And this was just another example," said Waveland's Acting Police Chief David Allen.

"Their investigators are top notch," Allen said. "As a citizen of Waveland myself, I'm not worried. I know that things are well taken care of. The officers that are still on the road are bending over backwards to do whatever needs to be done, coming out whenever they need, and the citizens of Waveland are going to be safe."

"I live in the city of Waveland and if we lose the P.D. and lose the fire department, we ain't no city. That's the reason my goal is to get out there do what it takes to make it work," said Investigator Hurt.

The Taiwanese restaurant on Highway 90 where the stabbing occurred opened just a few weeks ago. So far, investigators say the only motive they've been able to find is stress over opening a new business.

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