Big spice bust in Harrison County

Sheriff Melvin Brisolara says the materials seized by the Narcotics Division carries a street value of $600,000.

The Narcotics Division also seized an automobile and weapons at the home of 26 year old David Cole Schwers.

"This arrest originated with a 16 year old being arrested for having spice at a Harrison County school. We took the case out of the school and followed it to wear he bought it. That led to the arrest of the supplier" said Sheriff Brisolara.

Earlier this year the legislature passed a law making spice illegal.

It was sold mostly in stores, but now according to Narcotics Investigator Brandon Ladner dealers have moved underground to produce and sell the drug "You find people doing it sheds, backyards and barns. Always in a secluded area".

Brisolara says in Schwers case this is not his first brush with the law regarding spice "He was arrested several months ago for the same thing. He's in the Harrison County jail on $200,000 bond".