Four victims identified in deadly I-10 accident

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - We now know the identities of all but one of the victims from Wednesday's fiery I-10 crash that left five people dead.

A mother and child, 29-year-old Sabriya Thomas Barnes and 5-year-old Alayah Wesley, were both from Moss Point. Two Mobile residents were also killed, Steven Johnson and Thomas Andrews. Andrews worked in Moss Point as a district manager for the Dollar Store.

Authorities are still working to notify family members of the last victim before releasing his name. Two other children and two adults are listed in stable condition at area hospitals.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon about a mile and a half east of Gautier-Vancleave Road in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 in Gautier. Witnesses said a truck pulling a horse trailer hit an SUV then hit an 18-wheeler which caught on fire.

The view of the deadly crash scene was unbelievable to many on road. There were cars and trucks piled up and twisted like pretzels. There were horses on the side of the road and vehicles backed up for miles Wednesday afternoon.

"It is horrible," one driver said.

Moments after the accident, Stephen Kilpatrick drove up in his truck.

"Everybody was slamming on brakes, and everybody was like swerving to get out of the way," Kilpatrick explained. "Right when I stopped right here, before any of the fire trucks got here, it just liked engulfed in flames."

Kilpatrick said what he saw next was even more shocking.

"A guy with a horse trailer, and he hit a minivan, and there was an 18 wheeler involved too. Another little car that got completely smashed and the guy in the car, from what I can make out and other people were saying, I don't think he made it."

"This wreck, it is probably one of the worse ones I have ever seen in many years," Gautier Fire Chief Ray Frair said.

Gautier's fire chief and his team were one of the first rescue crews that rushed to the scene.

"Anytime it is being fed by fuel, then it is always a bad, hot fire."

Investigators said what lead to this deadly crash is still a mystery. Many of them were out for hours Wednesday sifting through these remains to piece together what happened.

"This is a bad accident; this is every person's nightmare that comes on the interstate." Gautier Police officer Matt Hoggatt said.

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