CCD Students Give Food For Thanksgiving

The holidays aren't just great for football, they're great for putting people in the giving spirit. Some needy families found that out Saturday, by a group of CCD students from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.

The thought of a family not having food on Thanksgiving makes Joanna and Melissa Fonenot sad. So, throughout the school year they've collected complete thanksgiving dinners for two families in need. And after all the anticipation, delivery day is finally here.

Ann MacLeod works closely with these two girls every week. As she watches the girls pack the final items, she recognizes how fulfilling a project like this can be.

"It helps bring the community together, it's doing a service for the families who need the food, and they're sharing their faith," Our Lady of Fatima Religious Education Director Ann MacLeod said.

Now it's time to take the food where it's needed most.

"Hi, how are you? How are you doing today?" Joanna and Melissa Fonenot said as the delivered the thanksgiving food.

"It's kind of heavy, do you want me to put it somewhere?" Melissa said.

"Yeah, I'll take it. I appreciate this. This is going to be lovely.  Indeed it's a blessing. Now I have a full thanksgiving. That's wonderful. Thank you. God bless you too. God bless, y'all," a single mother of three from Biloxi said as she accepted the food.

"Ohh, cause I didn't know where I was going to get the food from. Boy it's a dream come true. That's wonderful. For the first time, it's a dream come true." the mother said.

"We help them, we feel better too, and it makes us more thankful for what we have.  Just to see the smile on her face, she was laughing and happy. It was wonderful," Joanna Fonenot said.

It's just one of the wonderful experiences, that will be shared this holiday season, because of people like Joanna and Melissa.

47 students from Our Lady of Fatima parish participated in today's delivery. The Thanksgiving food basket program is part of the confirmation, community service project.