Student Shaves Head To Support Friend

Ten year old Shannon Braender walked up to the podium Friday and bravely took off her hat. Shannon proudly showed off her bald head in front of everyone at Gaston Point Elementary in Gulfport. Shannon shaved off her shoulder-length hair for her friend Shanicee Magee.

Shannon said "It's just to make her comfortable, because nobody else had their head bald".

Shanicee is battling Leukemia. Six months of chemotherapy caused her hair to fall out.

Shanicee said " I was surprised she shaved her head, because I asked her not to and she did it anyway.  She looks good without her hair. She looks good with her hair too."

School leaders told the students "We are one big family, and Shanicee and her family are a part of our family".

The entire school is pulling for Shanicee. Students and teachers are wearing caps and scarves to show Shanicee she's not alone.

Diana Holder is her teacher. She said "Just to support her, and to let her know that we're all in this together. Shanicee has taught us that everyday you're going to get up and there are going to be days that you feel bad, but you don't let that get you down".

Shanicee has lost just about every strand of her hair, but she has gained so much more -- friendship and love.

Her mom, Sharon Magee, said "She got somebody that loves her. It ain't about other things that's going on. It's about her. I think she needs that support".

Shanicee has to undergo at least two more years of chemotherapy. Sharon Magee is a single mom and can't work, because she has to take Shanicee to the doctor everyday. An account has been set up to help the family pay for household expenses. If you'd like to donate, you can do so at any branch of Hancock Bank.