Pascagoula Police officer won't face charges in shooting death

Edmee Beverly and Curly Clark
Edmee Beverly and Curly Clark

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A Pascagoula police officer will not face charges for shooting and killing an armed man in July.  A Jackson County grand jury reached that conclusion Tuesday. The shooting occurred while police were responding to a report of a stabbing. The family of the man killed and the NACCP are now demanding to see the video from the dashboard camera on the officer's patrol car.

For almost two months, the family of Floyd Beverly Jr. has wondered just what happened the day he was shot to death by a Pascagoula police officer. The five page report from the Jackson County grand jury that reviewed the evidence in the case concluded officer Cory Thompson acted within his duties, and he did nothing wrong when he shot Beverly.

In a phone interview with Beverly's mother, she expressed her disbelief over the ruling.

"What they did was wrong. The decision is still not acceptable by me. I think some of them are just too gun happy," Edmee Beverly said.

Officials with the Pascagoula Police Department have remained confident that the officer acted in self defense. And according to the grand jury report, witnesses as well as the police dash cam video support that.

The camera was rolling when police officer Thompson stopped Beverly in his car and commanded him to show his hands. The report said the camera shows Beverly getting out of the car and pointing a gun at Thompson. Then Thompson fired his gun five times, knocking Beverly to the ground. When Beverly reportedly got back up with the gun, Thompson fired again.

"It raises the question of the use of excessive deadly force," Clark said.

NACCP's Curly Clark said it's disturbing that Beverly ended up with four gunshot wounds on his body, when it appears Beverly never fired a single shot.

"Here again something can be justified but was it necessary, and that is the question we want to pose to the police department going forward," Clark said.

The district attorney's office hopes to show Floyd Beverly's family the dash cam video of the fatal shooting Friday. The family said once they see the video with their own eyes, they will be able to make a better decision on their next step.

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