Murder victim David Shivers' family gets justice

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The mother of a murder victim in Gulfport hasn't slept well since her son David was gunned down in cold blood by his girlfriend's estranged husband.

Daryl Brooks thought he beat the murder wrap once, even telling his brother in court he'd be home by the weekend.

Rebecca Powers sat down with Patricia Shivers who says justice was for her sweet son was delivered swiftly.

With tears in her eyes and pain on her face, Patricia Shivers' quivering lips read, "You, Daryl Brooks, took him from me. He was my firstborn, my Davey. He loved to sing and play his guitar, to fish and to hunt for deer. But his most precious thing to do was to play with his two children."

That is just part of what Patricia Shivers read out loud in court to the man who killed her precious son in December of 2009. Daryl Brooks was found guilty of the premeditated murder of 29-year-old David Shivers. His son, Tanner, was just 2 at the time of the shooting. Four-year-old Justice was an absolute Daddy's girl who still brings him up daily.

"All the time, all the time," Shivers said. "She said, 'I just waved at my Daddy!' She wants to go put flowers on his grave.

She'll light a candle and put it on his grave and little angels, and she made him an Easter egg tree. She thinks about him every day."

The Shivers were relieved when police said they found his killer, Daryl Brooks, who had a long rap sheet and was enraged with jealousy that David was dating his estranged wife, Amy. He went to court in April, but a hung jury meant a mistrial. For Patricia, it was devastating.

"I just felt like we had let him down. It felt down like we had failed."

But Shivers said that all changed two weeks ago when another jury in a new trial came back with a guilty verdict.

"I wanted to leap for joy, first of all."

His sentence is life in prison, without the possibility of parole. Those words have given this broken hearted mother the peace she so desperately needs.

Shivers said, "Like a ton lifted. I was able to breathe. I slept like a baby that night, I haven't been sleeping. I feel more light. I feel like it's time for me, I can get a hold of myself and get my health back. My health has really gone done since he's gone."

"I got these curtains up now, but for a long time I just stayed in the dark. I know we can't bring him back, but I miss him so much."

Through her pain though, Patricia Shivers also feels blessed. She said Gulfport Police, all homicide investigators, prosecutors and the entire Harrison County court system did an amazing job from beginning to end giving David the justice he deserves.

She said the entire Shivers family is forever grateful to them, to the victims' support system offered through the state, and most of all friends and family who continue to help her deal with her tremendous loss.

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