Saenger Theater Restored To Original Splendor

Workers are scrambling to put the finishing touches on this 74-year-old downtown icon from the ceiling and walls to the lighting and the chairs.

But even though this theater will be entering a new era on its grand reopening on November 25, a lot of new things will not be a part of the building's decor.

Workers are restoring what the theater already has to offer, meaning everything old will become new again.

"The paint finishes are based on the original colors from 1929. We had a paint analysis expert that came in and did the research.We've brightened it up. We're back into the antique colors. A lot of the colors in here that you probably don't see too often anymore except in real upstyle facilities," architect Walter Bolton said.

Other exciting features include an elevated light and sound control booth, more handicapped accessible seats, and even a more functional concession area - where you can now walk by it instead of around it to get into the theatre.

Just more comfort for a more enjoyable evening out on the town.

"The Saenger Theatre is one of the most used municipal buildings in the city of Biloxi . Over 40,000 people attend performances here annually. We have over 70 performances. It's very hard on the community and for the different theatre and user groups that use the Saenger Theatre when the building is closed because they have to find other venues to perform, and this is really the most suitable place for a lot of them," Biloxi Historical Administrator Lolly Barnes said.

Hopefully, this restored theater will suit everyone's taste.

If you would like to celebrate the unveiling of the newly restored theater, there will be a grand re-opening reception on Tuesday, November 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $25.