Blog: A Mississippian's perspective of Irene while in NY

Henderson Abernathy Hewes (Source: Facebook)
Henderson Abernathy Hewes (Source: Facebook)

Long Island, NY (WLOX) - Hurricane Irene from the perspective of a Mississippian living in New York
By: Henderson Abernathy Hewes

When I decided to go to college in New York two years ago, there were many things I was worried and unsure about. One of those worries, however, was not a hurricane. But somehow here we are, less than 24 hours from Hurricane Irene entering New York and swiping through New York City as well as Long Island where I currently am in school.

A light rain started mid-afternoon, so the effects are already being felt. Due to me being a "Mississippi boy" living in New York, I am the brunt of many jokes amongst people here. I can't say I blame them for that because being the only Mississippian on campus, I'm a pretty easy target.

That being said, it is nice watching those same people panic about what to do for the hurricane, and them having to come to the "knowledgeable one" for advice. While most places around here should not have serious problems, it is still a storm to be reckoned with.

Mass transit that is a way of life here, has pretty much shut down. Subways throughout NYC and the trains running throughout Long Island are already closed until at least Monday. People that happen to live on the Atlantic Ocean or around large water areas such as the Hudson Bay are in danger of water damaging their houses.

It is going to be either a Tropical Storm or Category 1 Storm, so we all have to take precautions. But after going through Hurricane Katrina, and even Georges, Irene almost seems like an after-thought.

On the coast, we get a category storm at least every few years. The last storm of this size to hit New York however was Hurricane Gloria in 1985. And that is obvious by being around the people here.

One of my friends asked me earlier this week if Katrina was as big as Irene. My two roommates have stocked up on enough food to get us through the rest of our college careers in fear of not being able to go out for food in the next few days.

On one hand, you try telling them it's going to be fine; it's not as bad as everyone is saying. On the other hand, you don't want to seem like the guy who knows everything and is talking down to everyone.

Due to that, I have chosen to just sit back and watch and answer questions for anyone who asks me. As I've written this paper, the rain outside has gone from a light drizzle to a pretty steady rain. Throughout the night and especially into tomorrow, it will pick up more and more.

I will be back to send updates soon. Don't worry about me I'll be fine. Now for my friends and everyone else up here? That's another story.

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