Picayune repaving 80 miles of roadway

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Drivers in Picayune are finding fewer bumps in the roads these days. The city is more than half way done with a multi-million dollar repaving project. Residents said the streets were in desperate need of repair.

For years Picayune residents have worried that a drive across town might end with a car repair.

"A lot of pot holes, it was in real bad condition," said Picayune resident Ann Myers. "You had to slow down to keep from messing up your cars, so it was pretty bad."

Now Picayune's streets are being transformed. Crews are more than halfway done repaving 80 miles of roadway from major thoroughfares to small neighborhood streets.

Patrick Nichelson also lives in Picayune.

Nichelson said, "After the storm, our roads got in real bad shape. They kind of stayed that way until recently, but they're really doing a good job on repaving the streets and getting the streets back to where they were at the time before the storm."

"It's very smooth," said Nichelson. "Very comfortable."

The motivation for the paving goes far beyond giving drivers a smoother ride. Picayune's mayor said the repaving along with water, sewer and drainage improvements is part of an effort make the city more attractive to investors.

"More stores and more businesses like food places to eat and shopping places," said Myers. "It's real important, too, because that way the money will stay in the county instead of going into Slidell, Hattiesburg, Gulfport and different places like that."

Nichelson said, "I think people will come and keep the business here. The roads are a lot better to travel on and people will come and spend their money in Picayune."

Picayune officials say the repaving is part of a $5 million bond passed by voters. Crews have completed 50 of the 80 miles of repaving.

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